Most Popular Canopies

wenzel-smartshade-canopy-10x10The most popular canopies in the market today provide a great utility and portability. The more common choice of people today is for those types of canopies which can be installed and transported without much difficulty. Hence, you will usually find aluminum frames and lightweight materials to be the top sellers in the market. They afford users the ease of use and installation as well as temporary shelter with sufficient privacy through sidewalls. Although there are other sturdier steel and polyethylene canopies which are available, these lightweight ones are what in-demand in the market are today.

Perhaps one of the most distinguishable features of the most popular canopies today is their easy installation. They do not have a lot of legs and they usually can be installed with one person alone. This can be due to the fact that more and more people today now prefer to explore the outdoors even on their own. Having that in mind, you can see why most people today would choose a lighter material instead of a heavier one which can provide greater stability and protection even from wind and rain.

The next thing that you will notice is that they come with a particular size which can be used for almost any purpose. The 10×10 canopy is what is mostly bought in the market today owing to the fact that they are preferable for personal use and even for a small group of 4 or 5. This way, the owner can use it alone or when hanging out with friends or family. There is greater flexibility in this size without giving additional weight and bulk for easy transport during camps and other outdoor activities. Aside from this, it can also be used for commercial purposes such as trades or fairs.

Another important feature about today’s bestsellers is that they usually come with lightweight aluminum frames. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that it makes it easier to transport and set-up. Steel frames usually weigh heavier and may need additional help for its installation. Aluminum frames on the other hand are lighter and can be installed even by a single person. Aside from that, aluminum is also not prone to rusts making them more preferable for humid and even rainy conditions although they may require additional support.

If you can browse the most popular canopies in the market today, you will notice that these key features are its common characteristics. They provide easy installation due to their lightweight materials and they also provide greater flexibility of usage given ample space for both a single or group use. More and more people are now realizing the benefits of a temporary outdoor dwelling that can be easily transported as well. The greater mobilization that is becoming a trend nowadays is definitely one of the main reasons why these canopies are becoming a big hit in the market. Its features and perhaps their greater affordability make them such a hot item that modern consumers are willing to buy.

List of Most Popular Canopies Available: (Click on Each Link for a Detailed Review)

Wenzel Smartshade Canopy 10×10

Coleman Canopy with LED Lighting

Coleman Wide Base Canopy Review

Screen Canopy by Swiss Gear 10×10 Screened House

EZ Up Sierra 2 Shelter Canopy

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Wenzel Smartshade Canopy 10×10 Feet Review

Product Description:

The Wenzel Smartshade Canopy White 10×10 Ft is an easy-to-use white temporary outdoor canopy that provides a small amount of shade against the sun or light rains. It comes with straight legs which mean that you get to enjoy the full 100 square-foot area under it. With its white canopy, it does provide an ample amount of light inside, making it ideal for trades and fairs. It can also withstand stronger winds with its aluminum stakes that can be staked to the ground.

Best Uses:

The canopy is best used for trade stalls where light is usually needed to showcase products. Since it does not block a lot of light out, the space inside has good illumination even without additional lighting. It is also perfect for outdoor activities during a grey and overcast weather.


Measures approximately 9.33 ft. high
Aluminum frame
Heavy-duty 210 polyester materials that can repel water
4 10-inch aluminum stakes with a ¼-inch diameter
4 pin stakes with guy ropes
Mesh bag that can be attached inside the canopy for additional storage space.
Comes with its own storage bag with wheels


  • Set-up and installation can be done within minutes.
  • Polyester material can withstand rain and block UV rays, and it does not leak easily.
  • Three different height adjustment settings and is very user friendly. Adjustments do not pinch fingers.
  • The canopy can be installed also on cement by adding some weights around the flat foot.
  • It is lightweight so you can easily bring it for any occasion.
  • You can use the whole area inside the canopy due to its straight legs.
  • Allows some light inside so you can still enjoy the outdoors even during rainy days.


  • Does not block out a lot of light so it may not provide as much shade as colored canopies do.
  • Can be blown easily by the wind if not staked or tied on something stable.

Wenzel Smartshade Canopy White – Final Thoughts

This canopy is ideal for those who are looking for a canopy that can provide interior lighting during the daytime. It has an opaque color which allows some light to come through but which efficiently blocks out harmful UV rays. Its flat footing makes it also easy to install on solid surfaces as well like a patio or a garage and it can be tied off easily to any nearby railing for additional support.

The Wenzel Smartshade Canopy White 10×10 is the ideal canopy for those who will be on trade fairs or other commercial activities which will require sufficient lighting inside the canopy.

Click here to buy the Wenzel Smartshade Canopy.

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Coleman Canopy with LED Lighting Review

Product Description: The Coleman Canopy with LED Lighting is an innovative product which makes nighttime outdoor stakeouts much better with their installed lighting features. Aside from that fact that they provide ample shade during the daytime with their durable fabric that blocks out the sun and its UV rays, it also provides ample lighting during the night. It also comes with a sturdy design with its steel frame and high-quality fabric material.

Best Uses:

The Coleman Canopy with LED Lighting is ideal for outdoor activities where you will need sufficient shade and protection from heat or moderate to strong winds and rain. It is also highly recommended for nighttime activities due to its installed LED lighting which can be adjusted from bright to dim so you can relax with ambient lighting or even cook under the canopy.


  1. Steel frames for greater stability and durability
  2. UVGuard fabric which can efficiently block out UV rays and keeps out rain water as well.
  3. 4 ultra-bright LEDs with dimmer switch, installed inside the canopy
  4. Battery operated
  5. Easy installation process which can be done in 3 minutes
  6. Measures 10 ft x 10 ft with a 9 ft 4-inch height in the center


  • Provides very good shade against the sun
  • Can withstand strong winds and continuous rains as long as it is fastened securely to a railing
  • The fabric material is really thick and durable
  • Installation and storage can be accomplished in minutes
  • Comes with a its own bag with a recessed design for the canopy
  • Frame is really sturdy and stable
  • LED lights provide sufficient lighting without attracting insects
  • Comes with an attachable net for extra storage, stakes, and lead ropes


  • Setting up can be quite difficult if you don’t read the instructions
  • More expensive than some other canopies on the market

Coleman Canopy with LED – Final Thoughts:

The Coleman Canopy with LED lighting is one of the best canopies that you can get if you are into nighttime outdoor activities. It is made with very good materials – a sturdy steel frame and a heavy duty fabric that can withstand strong wind and rains. This is ideal for daytime use as well with its thick fabric that can provide sufficient shade even under intense summer heat.

With its LED lighting, you can enjoy your outdoor activities during the night without having to worry about additional lighting. The lighting can be adjusted to fit your needs – whether it is for bright and clear lighting or just some simple ambient lighting while relaxing outdoors. All in all, this product is a good buy considering the advantages even if the price is quite high.

Click here to buy this canopy at the best price

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Coleman Wide Base Canopy Review

Product Description:

The Coleman Instant Wide Base Canopy is a temporary canopy that can be set-up in a few minutes and can be used in almost any type of outdoor activity that requires temporary shelter. It has slanted legs which mean that they provide better stability against strong winds. It also comes with a steel frame which can be easily installed within minutes by one or two persons. Taking it down is also easy with its pushbutton release levers.

coleman-instant-wide-base-canopyBest Uses:

This temporary canopy is ideal for use on beaches, barbeque events, and other outdoor activities. The slanted legs make it more durable even during light rains and moderate winds. It has tie down ropes and durable metal stakes to make it more stable. The canopy is made of durable material treated with SPF 50+ UV Guard protection for better protection against the sun’s rays. It can easily be installed and taken down making it ideal for short-term shelter needs.


  • Durable 1-piece steel frame that can be set-up in minutes
  • Heavy-duty canopy material that can withstand moderate rain
  • Slanted legs for added stability
  • Treated with anti-UV protection
  • Comes with sturdy metal stakes and tie down ropes
  • Installation can be accomplished in minutes even by a single person
  • Pushbutton release levers
  • Offers a total area of 81 square-feet and a 9.25 feet height in the center – 12 x 9.25 x 12 ft


  • The frame is really sturdy and can be used even on beaches where the wind can be pretty strong
  • The canopy can withstand light rain and humidity
  • You can easily set it up with its 1-piece frame and taking it down is very easy as well with push-button levers
  • The metal stakes and tie down ropes makes it more secure and stable
  • It comes at a very affordable price
  • Is lightweight enough to bring with you on travels


  • Does not do very well in stronger winds
  • Stakes may not work on sandy soil such as those on beaches although you may use other types of weights to help secure it down
  • Slanted legs means some you don’t get to use the total space for its frame

Coleman Wide Base Canopy – Final Thoughts:

The Coleman Wide Base Canopy is ideal for those who are looking for a lightweight canopy that can be easily set-up and carried around. If you are into outdoor activities, having this canopy on hand will definitely
Give you a temporary shelter within minutes. It can withstand light rains and wind as well as give you ample shade during the day.

Buy the Coleman Wide Base Canopy

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Swiss Gear Screen House 10 ft by 10 ft

Price: $199.99
Brand: Swiss Gear
Color: White
-: Portable and stable temporary shade tent
-: Sets up in minutes; removable screen walls
-: Withstands strong winds
-: Made of heavy-duty water-repellent 210D polyester
-: Measures 115 inches x 10 x 10 feet (H x W x L); weighs 44 pounds
Item Dimensions Height_: 10
Item Dimensions Item Dimensions Height Units: hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions Length_: 10
Item Dimensions Weight_: 4400
Manufacturer: Swiss Gear
Model: SG33047
MPN: SG33047
SKU: 54830
Product Summary: Are you looking for a high quality screen house to protect you from insects and the weather elements? If so you'll be happy to discover the Swiss Gear Smart Shade 10- by 10-Foot Screenhouse. This durable screen house sets up in minutes and provides great protection from the wind, as well as the sun or rain.
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EZ Up Sierra 2 Shelter Canopy

The EZ Up Sierra 2 Shelter Canopy  measures 10 ft by 10 ft and boosts an easy 10 minute setup to provide you with a sun shade in hot weather. This canopy is ideal for moderate weather conditions such as light wind and rain. The EZ Up Sierra 2 canopy is well suited for backyard get togethers, the beach, barbecues, or picnics.

The canopy itself is made with a 99% UV resistant fabric that is also CPAI 84 fire resistant. The shelter top is made of a durable polyester and has an attractive blue color that looks impressive and classy when set up. The setup itself can be done with a single person, however to make things easier it’s recommended that you have two people to accomplish the job.

The support system is made of angled legs that are constructed of rust resistant powder coated steel. The dome top celing of the structure is cathedral shaped and has a cylindrical design. The canopy comes with a stake kit to help ensure better stability. After use the E-Z UP Sierra II folds up for storage inside its own roller bag.

Here are some of the best features of the E-Z UP Sierra II Portable Canopy:

  • 10 feet by 10 feet canopy
  • Provides shelter against 99% of UV rays
  • Can be set up in under 10 minutes
  • Rust resistant powder coated steel support legs
  • Attractive blue fire resistant cover
  • Compact design that folds up into its own roller bag
  • Only weighs 35 pounds

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 56 by 9 by 8.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 35 pounds
Product Number ASIN: B002HX758I

Click here to buy the EZ Up Sierra 2 Shelter Canopy

Have you tried using this canopy? If so please leave a review to let other reader know what you think about this product.

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Four Poster Bed Drapes

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If you want to add a touch of romance to your room adding four poster bed drapes can definitely give you the romantic style you’re looking for. These decorative bed canopy’s can create a sense of mystery for your bedroom and give your room a sense of exotic style. Four poster bed drapes come in many different styles and colors.

Most of these are made of 100% polyester mesh material and come with ceiling hook and overlapping side panels. People often hang these drapes from the tops of the four poster bed frames or from a nearby wall. Most decorative bed drapes are purely for aesthetic purposes. However there are some that provide protection against mosquitoes and other biting insects. It pays to know that many commercial bedroom drapes do not provide this protection. You’ll find a decorating your four poster bed with lightweight mesh drapes will draw attention to your bed and make it the focal point of the room. If you’re looking to create the ultimate tropical islands romantic setting to any bedroom four poster bed drape canopy is a great choice.

You can even create your own four poster bed canopy by purchasing a sheer lightweight fabric from your local fabric store. If you decide to create your own bed canopy you want to make sure you buy four times the length of the area between your bed posts. This way you have enough material to create a luxurious draping look. Purchasing lace, sheer valances and ribbons can also help you create the exotic look you want.

Before cutting the material you may want to position it loosely on each post to get a feel for how it will sit. You’ll want to attach any of your ribbon or lace embellishments after you have properly hung your canopy. You can try tying a ribbon around the fabric on each post to securely hold it in place. This will also accentuate the corners of your best posts and give it a more impressive style. If you have any rough edges you’ll want to hem the fabric before hanging to achieve an elegant look. Always make sure to keep your bed drapes away from any light fixtures to avoid fire hazards. When selecting your fabric it is helpful to choose a color from your room that matches the material or complements it. While in the fabric store you should hold the fabric material up to see that it will drape properly before purchasing.

Whether you decide to buy four poster bed drapes or create your own, you’ll find that they will add an exotic appeal to your room that will create a space you will really enjoy. Since these bed canopy’s are inexpensive to purchase or create on your own they may be great choice for someone who wants to drastically improve the appearance of the room without spending a lot of money.

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Metal Carports Kits

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Metal carports kits can provide protection for your vehicle from the rain, sun, bird poop, and the elements. Since the invention of new construction methods you know longer need to hire an expensive building contractor to put your carport together. Using a popular kit you can have your brand-new carport set up and working for you in a matter of hours.

Another great thing about metal carport kit’s is that you can find one that matches the particular style or color scheme of your home. Some people even selected carports that matches the car. Since these kids are light weight they don’t require heavy equipment or tools to assemble. Yet, many kits made out of aluminum are weather resistant and extremely durable for outdoor use. Another popular choice is to select a galvanized steel frame carport that has a polyethylene cover to protect against wear and tear.

These pre-fabricated carport and garage kits can shelter your vehicles as well as your boat, or other possessions. They are sure to help increase the resell value of your car or truck by helping to keep it protected from the elements. These durable steel structures are designed to hold up under heavy rain, high winds and even under the weight of snow fall that may harm vehicles that are unprotected. Some people use these outdoor sheds to provide shade for themselves or their animals.

Whatever the reason, you’ll find that purchasing a metal carport kit is much more economical than hiring an experienced building contractor.


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Canopy Curtains

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Canopy curtains come in many different shapes, styles and materials. You can purchase these types of curtains for your canopy bed, bathroom shower, Windows, sliding glass doors, for little girls room. One of the most popular ways to enjoy canopy curtains is to hang them over your bed.

Adding canopy curtains to your bedroom can help provide a sense of style, adventure, and provide the aura of romance. Since canopy beds come in many styles it’s important that you select a canopy curtain that integrates well to give you the look you want. You’ll want to make sure that you purchase the right curtains for your particular bed whether in the King, Queen or twin sized.

Selecting the fabric is another important consideration when purchasing canopy curtains. There are many different decorative materials to choose from ranging from sheer, to silk, satin, chintz or velvet. The material you select for your canopy will help create the mood you are looking for. Selecting velvet, silk, or satin is recommended for those trying to create a romantic environment.

If you already have a comforter, sheets and bed coverings you may want to match your curtain to them. Having a complete matching theme often looks quite appealing. However some people recommend you try to implement some form of contrast to the room. You could accomplish this by adding a curtain of a different color than the rest of your bed coverings, or just add a pillow or two of a different style to stand out.

Another way you can create an elegant feel in your bedroom is by using the right type of lighting. Using mood lighting with soft ambient light can give your room an exotic appeal. Choosing elegant floor lamps and positioning them in strategic places can help you achieve a romantic setting.

If you are wanting to create the ultimate little princess bedroom, adding canopy curtains is a must. No little princesses room is complete without pink or white sheer curtains hanging above their bed. Some curtains even come with mystical butterflies or flowers already attached. By hanging these canopies from your little girls poster bed or even from their walls you can help create a room they’ll love.


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Canopy Bed Curtains 4-Poster Fantasy Palace Net

This Canopy Bed Curtains 4-Poster Fantasy Palace Net can create a sense of adventure and add instant charm to your bedroom. You can let your imagination run wild after you drape this tent above your bed. You’ll love the mystical appeal it brings to any room. Modeled after the Casablanca style mosquito netting found in tropical locations, this netting will easily add a romantic touch to your bedroom.

Made of 100% polyester sheer netting material made with straight panels that provide an open and airy appearance yet are masculine enough to give it just the right sense of style. There’s no feminine designs, or lacy frills here to scare away the men. The canopy bed curtains can be hung from any size 4 poster bed or draped on a wall, or ceiling. While this netting can be some help to preventing mosquitoes from entering your bed, it is best used as a decoration. This canopy bed curtain can be hung in a variety of ways and it comes with the necessary hanging hardware for setup. In the canopies box you’ll find the sheer bed netting panel, four ceiling hooks, four plastic anchors for drywall, and four ties to connect the canopy to a poster bed. You’ll find you can install these bed curtains in under ten minutes with the included hardware.

The curtains are designed to fit up to a king sized bed, however it may be a little over-sized for a twin bed. The product measures a total of 96 x 84 x 76 inches. If you’re looking to create a sense of the exotic and bring the allure of romance to your bedroom these sheer canopy bed curtains are perfect for you. The fabric is light, and sheer enough that it doesn’t darken your room, and will make your bed look beautiful.

Some of the best features of these fantasy canopy bed curtains

  • Fits all bed sizes
  • Attractive 100% polyester material
  • Canopy bed tent is sheer and airy
  • Add a romantic style to your bedroom
  • Suspends from the bed or ceiling
  • Comes with installation hardware


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Have you tried using this Canopy Bed Curtains 4-Poster Fantasy Palace Net? If so please leave your review and comments below to let us know what you think of this canopy net.

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