Canopy Bed Curtains 4-Poster Fantasy Palace Net

This Canopy Bed Curtains 4-Poster Fantasy Palace Net can create a sense of adventure and add instant charm to your bedroom. You can let your imagination run wild after you drape this tent above your bed. You’ll love the mystical appeal it brings to any room. Modeled after the Casablanca style mosquito netting found in tropical locations, this netting will easily add a romantic touch to your bedroom.

Made of 100% polyester sheer netting material made with straight panels that provide an open and airy appearance yet are masculine enough to give it just the right sense of style. There’s no feminine designs, or lacy frills here to scare away the men. The canopy bed curtains can be hung from any size 4 poster bed or draped on a wall, or ceiling. While this netting can be some help to preventing mosquitoes from entering your bed, it is best used as a decoration. This canopy bed curtain can be hung in a variety of ways and it comes with the necessary hanging hardware for setup. In the canopies box you’ll find the sheer bed netting panel, four ceiling hooks, four plastic anchors for drywall, and four ties to connect the canopy to a poster bed. You’ll find you can install these bed curtains in under ten minutes with the included hardware.

The curtains are designed to fit up to a king sized bed, however it may be a little over-sized for a twin bed. The product measures a total of 96 x 84 x 76 inches. If you’re looking to create a sense of the exotic and bring the allure of romance to your bedroom these sheer canopy bed curtains are perfect for you. The fabric is light, and sheer enough that it doesn’t darken your room, and will make your bed look beautiful.

Some of the best features of these fantasy canopy bed curtains

  • Fits all bed sizes
  • Attractive 100% polyester material
  • Canopy bed tent is sheer and airy
  • Add a romantic style to your bedroom
  • Suspends from the bed or ceiling
  • Comes with installation hardware


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Have you tried using this Canopy Bed Curtains 4-Poster Fantasy Palace Net? If so please leave your review and comments below to let us know what you think of this canopy net.

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