Coleman Canopy with LED Lighting Review

Product Description: The Coleman Canopy with LED Lighting is an innovative product which makes nighttime outdoor stakeouts much better with their installed lighting features. Aside from that fact that they provide ample shade during the daytime with their durable fabric that blocks out the sun and its UV rays, it also provides ample lighting during the night. It also comes with a sturdy design with its steel frame and high-quality fabric material.

Best Uses:

The Coleman Canopy with LED Lighting is ideal for outdoor activities where you will need sufficient shade and protection from heat or moderate to strong winds and rain. It is also highly recommended for nighttime activities due to its installed LED lighting which can be adjusted from bright to dim so you can relax with ambient lighting or even cook under the canopy.


  1. Steel frames for greater stability and durability
  2. UVGuard fabric which can efficiently block out UV rays and keeps out rain water as well.
  3. 4 ultra-bright LEDs with dimmer switch, installed inside the canopy
  4. Battery operated
  5. Easy installation process which can be done in 3 minutes
  6. Measures 10 ft x 10 ft with a 9 ft 4-inch height in the center


  • Provides very good shade against the sun
  • Can withstand strong winds and continuous rains as long as it is fastened securely to a railing
  • The fabric material is really thick and durable
  • Installation and storage can be accomplished in minutes
  • Comes with a its own bag with a recessed design for the canopy
  • Frame is really sturdy and stable
  • LED lights provide sufficient lighting without attracting insects
  • Comes with an attachable net for extra storage, stakes, and lead ropes


  • Setting up can be quite difficult if you don’t read the instructions
  • More expensive than some other canopies on the market

Coleman Canopy with LED – Final Thoughts:

The Coleman Canopy with LED lighting is one of the best canopies that you can get if you are into nighttime outdoor activities. It is made with very good materials – a sturdy steel frame and a heavy duty fabric that can withstand strong wind and rains. This is ideal for daytime use as well with its thick fabric that can provide sufficient shade even under intense summer heat.

With its LED lighting, you can enjoy your outdoor activities during the night without having to worry about additional lighting. The lighting can be adjusted to fit your needs – whether it is for bright and clear lighting or just some simple ambient lighting while relaxing outdoors. All in all, this product is a good buy considering the advantages even if the price is quite high.

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