Coleman Wide Base Canopy Review

Product Description:

The Coleman Instant Wide Base Canopy is a temporary canopy that can be set-up in a few minutes and can be used in almost any type of outdoor activity that requires temporary shelter. It has slanted legs which mean that they provide better stability against strong winds. It also comes with a steel frame which can be easily installed within minutes by one or two persons. Taking it down is also easy with its pushbutton release levers.

coleman-instant-wide-base-canopyBest Uses:

This temporary canopy is ideal for use on beaches, barbeque events, and other outdoor activities. The slanted legs make it more durable even during light rains and moderate winds. It has tie down ropes and durable metal stakes to make it more stable. The canopy is made of durable material treated with SPF 50+ UV Guard protection for better protection against the sun’s rays. It can easily be installed and taken down making it ideal for short-term shelter needs.


  • Durable 1-piece steel frame that can be set-up in minutes
  • Heavy-duty canopy material that can withstand moderate rain
  • Slanted legs for added stability
  • Treated with anti-UV protection
  • Comes with sturdy metal stakes and tie down ropes
  • Installation can be accomplished in minutes even by a single person
  • Pushbutton release levers
  • Offers a total area of 81 square-feet and a 9.25 feet height in the center – 12 x 9.25 x 12 ft


  • The frame is really sturdy and can be used even on beaches where the wind can be pretty strong
  • The canopy can withstand light rain and humidity
  • You can easily set it up with its 1-piece frame and taking it down is very easy as well with push-button levers
  • The metal stakes and tie down ropes makes it more secure and stable
  • It comes at a very affordable price
  • Is lightweight enough to bring with you on travels


  • Does not do very well in stronger winds
  • Stakes may not work on sandy soil such as those on beaches although you may use other types of weights to help secure it down
  • Slanted legs means some you don’t get to use the total space for its frame

Coleman Wide Base Canopy – Final Thoughts:

The Coleman Wide Base Canopy is ideal for those who are looking for a lightweight canopy that can be easily set-up and carried around. If you are into outdoor activities, having this canopy on hand will definitely
Give you a temporary shelter within minutes. It can withstand light rains and wind as well as give you ample shade during the day.

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