Four Poster Bed Drapes

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If you want to add a touch of romance to your room adding four poster bed drapes can definitely give you the romantic style you’re looking for. These decorative bed canopy’s can create a sense of mystery for your bedroom and give your room a sense of exotic style. Four poster bed drapes come in many different styles and colors.

Most of these are made of 100% polyester mesh material and come with ceiling hook and overlapping side panels. People often hang these drapes from the tops of the four poster bed frames or from a nearby wall. Most decorative bed drapes are purely for aesthetic purposes. However there are some that provide protection against mosquitoes and other biting insects. It pays to know that many commercial bedroom drapes do not provide this protection. You’ll find a decorating your four poster bed with lightweight mesh drapes will draw attention to your bed and make it the focal point of the room. If you’re looking to create the ultimate tropical islands romantic setting to any bedroom four poster bed drape canopy is a great choice.

You can even create your own four poster bed canopy by purchasing a sheer lightweight fabric from your local fabric store. If you decide to create your own bed canopy you want to make sure you buy four times the length of the area between your bed posts. This way you have enough material to create a luxurious draping look. Purchasing lace, sheer valances and ribbons can also help you create the exotic look you want.

Before cutting the material you may want to position it loosely on each post to get a feel for how it will sit. You’ll want to attach any of your ribbon or lace embellishments after you have properly hung your canopy. You can try tying a ribbon around the fabric on each post to securely hold it in place. This will also accentuate the corners of your best posts and give it a more impressive style. If you have any rough edges you’ll want to hem the fabric before hanging to achieve an elegant look. Always make sure to keep your bed drapes away from any light fixtures to avoid fire hazards. When selecting your fabric it is helpful to choose a color from your room that matches the material or complements it. While in the fabric store you should hold the fabric material up to see that it will drape properly before purchasing.

Whether you decide to buy four poster bed drapes or create your own, you’ll find that they will add an exotic appeal to your room that will create a space you will really enjoy. Since these bed canopy’s are inexpensive to purchase or create on your own they may be great choice for someone who wants to drastically improve the appearance of the room without spending a lot of money.

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