How to Choose a Canopy

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In this article I’ll share some methods for how to choose a canopy for your home. There are several important reasons why a canopy could benefit you. Three of the biggest factors when selecting a canopy are, for protection from the elements, privacy, and to increase your homes style and sophistication.

For starters, a canopy provides much needed protection from the sun and rain. It can help save you in air conditioning costs as well as provide shade inside your home. An addition of a canopy to your home can act as an extra outdoor room, which gives you more living space.

A canopy also provides much needed privacy from neighbors or other onlookers. With many of today’s homes being built in close proximity, increasing your home privacy by installing a canopy is a great idea.

Another popular reason to install a canopy in due to the attractiveness it brings. Canopies now come in a wide assortment of colors, material types, models, and styles. A canopy can add to the resale value of your home and increase your overall happiness with it. They make attractive additions to gardens and can transform a once barren space into something you’ll love.

When selecting a canopy for your home there are several considerations you’ll want to make. Do you want one with features that will blend in to the overall aesthetics of your home or have flair and style that makes an impression. You’ll also want to consider the type of material you select for your canopy.

Choosing a heavy duty aluminum frame is always a good idea for outdoor usage since it will hold up better in the harsh outdoor environment.The casings should not bend under strain and be able to accommodate high wind conditions.

Selecting the material of your canopy itself is another important consideration. Canopies are often coated in stain resistant Teflon that are treated to be resistant to mildew and stains. You’ll also want to ensure the material you select is water resistant, as well asĀ  able to resist adverse temperatures, and fading.

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